Saturday, May 14, 2011

Writer's Block/Inspiration vs. Procrastination/Perfectionism

Probably my longest title yet. Am I, perhaps, procrastinating about writing this entry by spending so much time on the title?

No, not really. The title took all of two seconds. This rambling, right here, is the procrastinating.

Anyway, I've been thinking more lately about why I spend so much time procrastinating. I've done a lot of reading on the causes behind procrastination (sometimes known as writer's block), and I've found a few really helpful things. Well... helpful in the sense that it helps me to understand why I procrastinate. I'm still too stubborn about, well, everything to actually follow through with the advice given and stop procrastinating. I need to, though.

I really, really need to.

Elise (sometimes known as Tulio) once said something about procrastination that describes my feelings exactly:

"When I think about trying to write anything original, I feel like I've hit the edge of the world. You know how in Coraline, when the Other Mother's world starts to unravel and Coraline finds herself walking through nothing? Everything is just gray or white and blank? It's like that. I have nothing new in my brain to work with, and nothing new to say. I know that you're "supposed" to just plug away and keep working through periods where inspiration is lacking, but...I can't. At least right now, I can't."

 That is how I've been feeling lately. Sometimes I can get the vaguest imaginings of the scenes I'm trying to create, but the words just aren't there. Just static and nothingness.

So today I'm going to post my "research" on procrastination, in the hopes that I will start heeding all the advice (and on the off-chance that you, the few wonderful people who actually read my blather, might need to hear some of it, as well).

Without further ado:

EDIT: Okay, so I know that this entry was published on Thursday the 12th - it was even commented on and whatnot. But blogger deleted it for whatever reason, so I'm reposting.

This is probably going to screw up my Blogathon day count and whatnot. Oh well, I guess.

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