Saturday, May 21, 2011


Or, what my entry was yesterday. And may well be today.

I haven't done any more writing since the last bit I posted (excepting, of course, the chunk of dialogue I mentioned yesterday - and will not be posting - sorry - until it is a respectable bit of writing, and not just a random outline), so I'm feeling a bit guilty about that.

I do have excuses, though. Want to hear?

Of course you do.

Yesterday was kind of a busy day for me. I woke up at 5am to get ready so that I could ride in to base with Mark at 5:45. We got there around 6:15. I waited at Starbucks (and actually tried one of their breakfast sandwiches - not bad!) until the other Navy wives showed up at 7, and then we went to the local Swap Meet.

Don't know what a Swap Meet is? It's like a giant garage sale. Don't go unless you've got some patience in you. There's a lot of crap, but you can find some cool things too.

Me, I found three plants, a nice picture frame (for one of those loverly sketches, I hope!), some old movies and a pair of turquoise earrings. I might go back sometime, because this one vendor had these really neat bracelets for really cheap. I do regret not getting one. :(

But I love my plants! Want to see them?

Who am I kidding? Of course you do!

These were 2 for $4. The pots were mine. Aren't they cute?

This one was $5, and the pot came with it! What a bargain!

This is one of my little gardens. Random Swap Meet plants, tomatoes, strawberries and tangerines. If you look closely, maybe you can spot my little Mango (a golden retriever).

Sorry. I am being a total nerd about plants right now. I think it's hormones - nesting and whatnot. Hahaha.

Also, went and saw "On Stranger Tides" last night. I'm reserving judgment on it for now, because I honestly did not know what to think. I'll just say this for now - the first one will always be the best, in my eyes. :)

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