Thursday, May 26, 2011

My 5 Favorite Places to Write

So... I realized, a few days too late, that there was another theme post I could have done on Tuesday. (I guess it's okay, though, because my post on Tues was actually coherent.) It's not required or anything, but I like to be a good blogathon participant. So I decided to do it today.

The theme isn't hard to guess. It's the title of this post.

So, without further ado...


1. Caribou Coffee - Unfortunately, my favorite writing locale is no longer accessible to me. Caribou Coffee is a chain of coffee shops we had in MN (and a few other states, I guess) that are not present here in CA. They had the most wonderful, warm cabin-esque decor and FRIGGIN' DELICIOUS coffee drinks. Coconut Macadamia Mochas, Campfire Mochas, Pomegranate Vanilla Oolong Tea Lattes... Damn, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. They were good for more than just their coffee, though. I mentioned the atmosphere - which was excellent - but more than that, they had tons of available outlet-space. Lappies didn't die there. YOU COULD WRITE FOREVER! ...or at least until they closed for the evening.

2. Pardon My French - Again, another place I no longer have access to. PMF was a lovely little French bakery/cafe in Eagan, MN. Their coffee was nothing particularly special, but DEAR GOD, the pastries were delicious! Miniature cheesecakes and Napoleons, fruit tarts and truffles... (I've noticed a trend here. All the places I like to write have access to food/coffee. Well, so far.) The cafe was open and airy, with a two-sided fireplace in the center. The seating was sometimes a bit odd, but there you go.

3. My Red Couch - More and more often these days I find myself writing, tucked in the left-hand corner of my new red Ikea couch. From there, I can glance out the sliding door to see my dwarf tangerine tree. (See? Food again...once it starts producing fruit.) I write here, usually, because I have no other place to go. Plus, it's comfy.

4. My Dining Room Table - Which is where I am right now, listening to my Instrumental mix on iTunes. The table is currently my replacement for a desk, since we don't ever eat at it. (That is what the coffee table is for.) It's close to the printer, and it's the only place in the apartment to sit (other than the couch or floor.) Again - no Caribou here in Cali, so I have to settle for this. And my meager drip-coffee. Boo.

5. Starbucks - I don't often write at Starbucks (I dunno. Something about the atmosphere there makes me antsy), but I have found myself getting stranded there more and more often as of late. There's one right across the street from my husband's Naval base and that's where I wait for him, when I need to. Usually I don't have my laptop along, so I use a hardcover journal/notebook thinger that I carry around in my purse. And I drink their not-as-good-as-Caribou coffee and suffer. *wink wink*

So. Yup. That's where I write. Nothing too interesting.

Damn it, I miss Caribou.

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