Saturday, May 28, 2011


Well, I dropped the ball on that one.

I was so good about posting every day, whether I wanted to or not. I made it 27 days into the Blogathon, and then I drop the ball. You can blame the beach and a barbecue on that account. Bah.

It happened, but it's not going to change my resolve about posting every day for the rest of the month.

Also, by the rules of the charity we gave our alternate ending to, we'll be allowed to post the FINAL CHAPTER (alt. ending) of Two Captains on Fanfiction on the first of June! YAY! I'm excited, not only for new reviews (which I love), but also because the past couple of reviews we've gotten were a little shirty about the whole donate-to-read thing.

Little do they know, it'll be up in a few days. They'll just have to stew until then.

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