Sunday, May 29, 2011

Busy Weekend

I'm sorry I am so boring this weekend - we've been really busy, and I'm finding it hard to sit still and write a blog post, for whatever reason. It's not like I have nothing to talk about. In fact, I have almost too many things to talk about.

Like I said...busy. My husband and I have been hanging out with two other Navy couples - the Wakefields and the Johnsons. On Friday, we went to Mission Beach and then followed it up with a grill-out/game night. Saturday, we went hiking up Mt Cowles (the highest point in SD county - I only made it halfway up, cause I'm out of shape and whatnot) and then went out for Mexican food. Today, we went to Balboa Park to the International Food Festival and then went to Little Italy for dinner. Tomorrow we might be going to the water park with them. Depends on what Mark feels like doing.

So, yup. It's been busy.

In other news, Two Captains got a horrible review that is - pardon the expression - chapping my ass a little bit today. I understand that any story - even the classics - will get a bad review now and then. (Not that TC is a classic, but you know what I mean.) But... I dunno. It's not so much that they don't like the story. I can deal with someone not liking the story. It's the condescension that gets to me. While I would love to be the bigger person and take the high road and whatnot, I would also like this reviewer to feel the sharp side of my tongue.

I realize I sound petty. I never said I was perfect.

Anyways. In the interest of not letting that little something-or-other ruin my day, here are some pictures from various points in the weekend:

This is the view from halfway up Mt Cowles. The mountainside itself was pretty cool, because it was dotted with those same jutting-up-type rocks. They reminded me of ruins or something. You know, because I'm a nerd like that. :) Maybe someday I will go all the way up the mountain. Maybe.

This is one of the better pictures I was able to take of the Food Festival. It was just so crowded that there was no way to get a good shot of any of the buildings without getting trampled on by a hoard of hungry people.

In the foreground of this photo is my lovely husband, Mark, who was told to smile for the photo, but did not listen. In the background you will see Dave and Vanessa Johnson and one of the many fountains of Balboa Park.

Again, I'm sorry I've been so boring this weekend. (And just generally lately.) I've been running around so much that it's hard to focus on anything else. You know, like writing. I'm sure once the boys have to go back to their Navy-school on Tuesday, things will slow down and I'll have more time to figure out what to say.

In the meantime, be patient with me. Please.


  1. Patience will be given.
    Also, whoever gave that bad review has no taste. Just saying. Don't let it get to you. It's a great piece of fiction. :) Good luck with the busy-ness!

  2. Thanks! It's always good to hear nice things about one's work.

    And thank you for the patience. ;)