Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Coconut White Mocha

Also known as: what I am drinking right now. YAY!

I took the hour-long train/bus ride from Lemon Grove to Point Loma (where Mark's base, and this Starbucks, is located) today, hoping that getting myself out of the apartment would spark some burst in creativity or productivity.

I'll bet you can guess what happened.

Since I'm not doing any real writing, I figured I could at least get my blog update out of the way for the day. What am I going to write about, since I don't have a story fragment to post, you ask? Well, I think I'm going to give you my favorite pic and link of the day...

Favorite Pic of the Day:

This was taken by my sister-in-law at the San Diego Zoo. The caption: Best Buddies. Made me laugh. :)


Also taken by my sister-in-law. This is me and my husband, Mark, who is wearing his rollerblading helmet. (And his terrible Navy mustache. :P)

Favorite Link of the Day:

I used to live there. Well, I lived in a suburb of Minneapolis/St Paul called Eagan. It's true what they say - there are a lot of really cool arts/entertainment festivals in the Twin Cities in the summer. Last summer, we hosted the RedBull Flugtag.

Unfortunately, they got one thing wrong about Minnesota: the snow doesn't always stop in April. The high temperature in Minneapolis on Tues, May 2nd was 39 degrees. Hahaha. Poor suckers. It was 90 here in California. And breezy. And beautiful.

I'm getting all rambling again, like always.

I think I might try and do some writing now. You know, real writing.

Wish me much luck.

EDIT: I have 67 words so far! Hurrah! Time for a break...

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