Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Blob

I am a human blob today. I kind of have been all weekend, but today is particularly bad. Mark and I went grocery shopping this morning, made tacos for lunch, and then we fell asleep on the couch. And we have been there ever since.

Granted, we did have people over on Friday, which can be tiring, but shouldn't yesterday have been enough recuperation time?

Maybe not. And I'll tell you why:

On Wednesday, we started this 6 day a week, 10 week fitness program called "Insanity." Believe me, the name is very fitting. There's a whole lot of jumping and running around and sweating until you think you're going to puke. Mark has been doing some of it with his Navy buddies this spring, but me, oh no. This is the first actual workout I've done since... Well, it would probably be pretty embarrassing for me to try and remember that far back.

Anyways, it has been kicking my butt. We haven't done it since Thursday (like I said, we had people over on Friday and have been made of molasses ever since), but I still hurt. Still recouping. I know we need to get back into it before we lose momentum, but I am sooooo not in the mood to do the whole exercise-until-I-can't-stand-up-anymore thing.

Boo for getting in shape and whatnot.

And also, yay. I guess.

In other news, tomorrow is another Blogathon theme day thinger. The theme: guest post. And so, the loverly Anna (aka Astriex, the drawing wench) will be doing a post for me. I know you'll enjoy it.

Well, I'm going to try and peel myself off of the sofa now and do something productive.

Maybe not Insanity, but, you know, something.


  1. I'm going to attempt not to ramble tomorrow. :D
    I was a blob today too! Here is to a more productive week. . .

    heh. ..


  2. I'm with you on the blob thing. The dog has been kicking my butt. The days that we don't hike, we go two or three miles around the lake, and I've been perpetually exhausted for the last three days. That Insanity thing sounds crazy, though. Don't think I would enjoy that much - I think I feed off of the dog's energy or something when we exercise. Keeps my mind busy.