Thursday, May 10, 2012


Yeah, I probably won't be very exciting today. Due to a series of bad planning and whatnot, I ended up getting almost zero sleep last night and throwing up from exhaustion when I got to work this morning. Thankfully, the other worker was there as back-up and she sent me home.

Most of my day has been spent asleep, with random periods of awakeness in between.

Thankfully, all this sleep means I should be alright for work tomorrow morning.

In other news, Mark built us a tiny propane-fueled fire pit. We've been missing our Minnesota campfires, and aren't supposed to have wood-burning fires in this area (wildfire risk as well as not having enough space). Here's a picture of me, shortly after I made some s'mores.

See the little clay pot with flames and what looks like charcoal in it? That's our little fire pit. On our crowded little porch.

I miss having a yard.

Lately I've been hoping more and more to get stationed in Everett, WA. I've heard it's gorgeous, and - while it might be rainy - I'd like to experience more places. I mean, how often does your job pay to move you to a new location? Plus, there's a better chance of being able to afford to rent a small house (or at least someplace with a yard) than there is here in San Diego. Plus plus, I want more trees. It's so scrubby around here.

Although I have made some friends around here who I would be sad to move away from...

Whine, whine, whine.

I should probably stop talking.

Here's a picture of my Mango. Just because. :)

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