Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weak "Weekend"

Yesterday and today were my "weekend" this week. (At least, I think they were all I'm going to get for the week. I only know my schedule as far as Friday, so I don't know if I'm going to get Saturday or Sunday off. I hope I can get at least one.) It's nice to get two days off in a row. I doubt it'll happen much (unless I request it) now that I'm a full-time worker again. Still... it was a pretty lackluster weekend.

Why? Well, because of the doctor's appointments. You know, the ones I've been talking about for quite some time now.

Blah. Yesterday I got seven stitches put into my shoulder. The process itself wasn't painful or even all that stressful, because I knew what was coming. What sucks is that I now am unable to lift/push/pull more than 5lbs for the next two weeks. I also can't do anything that stretches the skin on my back - can't lift my arms over my head, can't use my arms to push myself out of bed... The stitches are right over where my shoulder blade stretches the skin, so I have a really limited range of motion. *sigh* I'm glad the process is mostly over, but it's a pain in the butt right now. And I've got to turn the "no lifting" note from my doctor to my brand-new job. They'll love that.

Today I had to have blood drawn. I pass out every time. Well, except this time. But it was a close call.

Meh. I shouldn't complain about having time off, but this weekend made me feel even more exhausted than I was before. (I know I've only worked two days so far, but they were tiring. I haven't worked in a while. I'm easily worn out.) And I am totally shirking on my promise (to myself) to write more fiction. Just don't have the brain power.

Even thinking about work wears me out. When did I get so lazy?


  1. Dear god, don't beat yourself up over being worn out by work. Retail is exhausting. I'm not even IN retail, and I still come home from full days wanting to pass out. I think that's just...the nature of work, when it's not work that you really love. You get the paycheck, but you end up paying more to it than just your time and effort. Hopefully it'll get better, though.

    Also: doctor's appointments and stitches and getting blood drawn? Blech. Are you at least done the medical stuff for a little while?

  2. I agree with Elise. Don't beat yourself up. It is exhausting. And it's the very beginning, adjusting to change is difficult and stressful no matter if it's good or bad.
    One day at a time!

  3. Not done with the medical stuff yet. Have to get the stitches out in about ten days, and then we have another appointment with the infertility clinic next month. Bah. So sick of doctors. But I think all the appointments I've been having are helping with my fear of them. Which is good.

    Thanks for the encouragement about work. I always forget how wearying it can be, especially retail. I am hoping I can get used to it soon, though, because thinking about feeling like this (tired) for months and months is kind of daunting, lol.