Sunday, November 6, 2011

Holy Carp

Life moves crazy fast sometimes.

Just the other day, Mark and I were discussing the possibility of moving into a two-bedroom, upper-level apartment our landlords just bought. The possibility. Meaning maybe next month or the month after. Today, after speaking to the landlord, we have until the 15th to be moved out of this apartment and into that one.

Once again: Hol-ee carp.

I'm excited, though. The new job means we'll be good for the only-very-slightly-higher rent, and the second level is what we've wanted from the beginning. I'm so excited for the increased security and privacy. Plus, this new apartment is above the clubhouse area, and is the only apartment in the building. Very private. It also overlooks the pool, which is nice (when no one is in it). Also also, we will no longer have to walk a block to get to the laundry room. It's practically at the bottom of our stairs. w00t w00t!

But now my week is a whole lot busier than I thought it was. I will be packing (and doing NaNoWriMo) every day. Thankfully we're just moving across the complex, no further. Else... ay, I shudder to think.

In other news, our friends the Wakefields just found an apartment that's only about two miles from ours, so Mark and Chan can carpool to work in the mornings! And we don't have to drive a half an hour just to hang out with people! Hurrah!

Hopefully all of this goes well. I love change.

When change works properly.

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