Saturday, November 26, 2011

Good News!

Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone! Still digesting the smorgasbord from Thursday? Yeah, me too. Gorging myself on down-home type foods is one of my favorite holiday traditions. Forget calorie-counting! Pass me the mashed 'taters!

My husband and I had a very happy Thanksgiving ourselves. We spent the day high on life (and carbohydrates). As some of you may know, we got some very exciting - and unexpected - news yesterday morning: come July, WE'RE GOING TO BE PARENTS!

(Of course, that is taking it for granted that everything goes smoothly and to plan.)

It's weird, waking up in the morning and knowing you're different than you were, that you're carrying a life inside you (cheesy as that sounds). Mark and I were starting to think that it was impossible for us to have a baby - we were just starting our infertility appointments with the doctor - and now...

I don't feel all that different yet (other than the knowing). The big symptoms (like morning sickness) aren't supposed to start for another couple of weeks. Right now I'm just feeling exhausted and hungry all the time, and I do have some mood swings. Baby Williams (or Babby Dubs, as I have taken to calling him/her) sure does love red meat, though. I cannot shake this craving for hamburgers. And whenever I get to eat one, my mouth feels like it's never been happier. My taste buds come alive!

Haha, it's funny. While I normally like hamburgers, I have never had such a strong desire for them. And they have never tasted quite so delicious.

So I suppose the food cravings have begun, at least.

I want to write more about everything, but I am soooo worn out. Full-time retail work and pregnancy can really do a number on a person's endurance.

So good night! Talk to you later!

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