Friday, July 1, 2011

On the Fridge

The idea behind my post today is kind of random, but I suppose it makes sense. Just bear with me, and if I'm boring you, go away. Nobody wanted your opinion anyway.

As I was sitting here, trying to think of an idea for an entry that was not either a) depressing, or b) whiny, or c) A and B combined, I took a good look at the side of my refrigerator. Since I'm sitting at the dining room table, it's not unreasonable that I would be doing this - it's right across from me. But anyway... if someone who didn't know me took a look at my refrigerator, they'd just see a hodge-podge of crap and clutter (albeit very brightly-colored crap and clutter). But for someone who does know me (and, I suppose, Mark), they'd see a number of insights to our lives, interests, inside jokes and whatnot.

Just look... (It's a crappy, blurry picture, but look anyway, darn you!)

For instance, you'll notice one or two dinosaur-related magnets and pictures. Those are because of my husband, who - one day, out of the blue - made my sister and I bust into hysterics with the following words: "You know what I'm thinking about? ...Dinosaurs." (Once or twice, I have found him in what appeared to be a deeply depressed funk. When asked what was the matter, he has responded with, "I'm just really sad that I'll never get to see an actual dinosaur.") Yes. He is a nerd. My older sister and I often gift him with dinosaur memorabilia now. Thus, the dinosaur magnets/picture.

"KARAS SMASH WORDZ" is an inside joke with Mark and some of his Navy buddies, involving a strange individual named - you guessed it - Karas. Even I'm not sure the what the whole story is behind that one, but I leave it up because it makes them smile whenever they come to visit.

There are several state magnets - mementos from a few of the states my Mom and I had to drive through as we made our way out to sunny California.

"Pirate Girls Kick Butt" - fans of Two Captains could easily tell you why I have that. :)

"Can I Have the Last Life Vest?" is from a book of comedy post cards called Asking Awkward Questions With Baby Animals. It's the sequel to another book entitled Breaking Bad News With Baby Animals. My older sister and I like to send them back and forth. If you could look at the back of the postcard, you'd see the caption my sister added - "You can swim, right?"    (I miss her. Thank god she's coming to visit next week!)

I love the TV show The Office, as you might be able to guess from some of the other magnets.

"Marzipan aka Marissa" is my loverly cousin, who is pictured with her impish little brother, David Joel further up on the fridge.

And last, but not least, is my favorite picture EVAR of Elise and I.

I have no idea if any of this is boring. I just felt like giving you all a tour of my refrigerator. (Who ever guessed it could be such a personal, life-affirming experience!?) Consider yourself lucky, because usually only people who are in my apartment get to see that. And my apartment is like my secret lair. Only my closet confidantes - and whoever Mark decides to invite over - ever get to see inside it. (Oh, and everyone I'm friends with on FB, since I posted many pictures of it.) Still... you're so very, very lucky.

And...yeah. That's all, I guess.

Have an ossum Fourth of July, e'erbody!

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