Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Well, Elise and I have finally made use of that wonderful program called Skype, and a lot of brianstorming (or brainstorming, if you prefer) got done because of it. And we're going to do it again tomorrow, and possibly even the next night and the one after that. There's a chance we'll participate in this August's Camp NaNoWriMo (a very good one) and actually get this whole book-thing moving again.

Actually thinking about getting this thing really rolling, and - eventually - finished is a very exhilarating, terrifying thought. After all those ideas have spilled out onto the page, will new ones replace them? Or will I be one of those one-story people? I worry about that sometimes. But I suppose, if that's the way it is, then that's the way it is. ...although I have had one or two others knocking about. It's just that I've been so focused on this big story that I haven't spent time developing them.

Either way, we'll cross that bridge when it comes.

In other news, my husband is suddenly obsessed with the apparent threat of solar storms in the next few years. Apparently such a storm would knock out all electricity. Not just knock it out, but fry all of our systems. It would take decades to fix. Decades.

So now he's pricing out a disaster kit, making up scenarios and plans about what we'd do (and need) to survive in such a situation. Obviously his main worry is that he'll be out on a deployment, on a ship, when it happens, and be unable to help me. (And be far away from the action.) My main concern is not having a nervous breakdown just thinking about the possibility of having to deal with what would basically be a post-apocalyptic situation.

I'm not a lover of that type of thing. I don't want the world to end in my lifetime, and if it does, I'm not entirely certain I'd want to survive it. (I dunno, though. I hate the idea of dying too.) So...I'm hoping this whole solar storm thing is a load of bunk, like Y2K or that end-of-the-world thing that happened this spring.

I guess we'll see.

Beyond that, I don't have much for you. It was a busy week with my sister here, but I'm not really in the mood to go into detail about the whole thing. It was a lot of sightseeing, some culinary adventures (including me becoming somewhat ambivalent about sushi, rather than full-on hating it), and a 2-hour harbor cruise, in which we saw a gray whale. Want more details?

For now, I must get to sleep.

Good night, all.

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