Monday, June 25, 2012

Day After Tomorrow

Or, the day that we leave California. Possibly for good. (Well, not so much "possibly" as "probably," but you never know with the Navy. Mark keeps saying in this wishy-washy, oh-so-hopeful voice "Maybe they'll call me when we're in Minnesota and tell me my orders got dropped and to come back to San Diego." Yeah. Probably not.)

Life is in complete disarray at the moment. It's a fairly controlled type of chaos, but chaos it is. In my weird plan to try and get the actual apartment (you know, the place itself, not the things in it) as clean as possible before we have to abandon it to Vanessa and the movers, I decided I needed to take everything out of the kitchen cupboards so I could wipe them out. Because they so desperately needed it. (Not. At least, mostly not.) So our dishes are on our dining room floor, and our foodstuffs are on the counter, sorted out to "allowed to keep" and "have to give away" (according to the movers standards). Also, between having to shampoo various carpets and whatnot, things have been moved all willy-nilly, half-packed and just generally piled up everywhere.

I am so glad it isn't my job to put it in boxes.

But yes, I looked around my apartment today, and decided I should document the chaos. You know, for posterity's sake. (And for your entertainment.)

Yup. Mark packing his Sea Bag and Mango following me around like she's afraid I'm going to abandon her at any second. (I'm positive these dogs know something is up. They looked so worried and they follow us everywhere, constantly checking up on what we're up to. Poor things.)

What else? What else?

Well, our friends the Wakefields (or Chan and Ashley) finally had their baby last night. A little girl: Oaklyn May Wakefield. Ashley was two days past her due date and decided she would try taking some castor oil (not always recommended, but approved by her midwife). About 7 hours later, Oaklyn was born.

She was only in active labor for about 4 hours. Her water broke while she was taking a shower (around 9:30ish pm) and they just barely made it to the hospital in time for her to start pushing. Baby came out at 10:50pm. Craaaaazy! I hope my labor goes that fast.

Well, I suppose I should go do something useful. Although I'm not sure what. Not having to pack leaves me feeling directionless and lost in my own apartment. Oh well. It'll be over soon.

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  1. Forget giving me cancer, this blog is going to give me an anxiety attack, and I'm not even the one moving or pregnant. Um, to address specific points:

    -No, you are not somehow inadequate for quitting work in your THIRD TRIMESTER. Are you kidding me? Except maybe my second trimester, I couldn't have worked at all. I was just very fortunate that we could afford that at the time. I could barely stand up to cook dinner half the time in my last couple months.
    -I kind of lost track of what your plan is now because, since the military is so AWESOME, it sounded like almost everything was up in the air.
    -Other military people who say things like "It is what it is" and "Don't worry about it" SUCK AT LIFE. Cause it does SUCK when stuff like this happens. Just because it happens all the time, doesn't mean it doesn't SUCK. Have I made it clear enough that the military SUCKS? The worst was when Zach got extended on deployments and half the wives were like, "Meh, it happens." Excuse me? I'm not supposed to get incredibly depressed because "it happens?" Sorry, I just hated all that stuff. It makes you feel inferior or something to the other "tougher" wives. This stuff is hard, and you have every right to be absolutely furious.
    -That's totally awesome your friend had her baby so fast! But um, probably not very usual :/ Especially for a first baby. But good news is that almost everyone says their second one is much easier! I'm crossing my fingers for that. If you're able to keep interventions out of your labor, it should really help.

    Well, my sick, snotty, teething, whiny, non-napping toddler is demanding that I pay 150% attention to him. Are you SURE you want one of these? Just kidding! They're awesome. When they're sleeping. ;) Good luck with your move! I'm going to be stalking for updates when I hear you're in labor!