Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Things I Need to Get Done

Before Leaving San Diego:

x- Sort out anything that needs to go to Goodwill (take items to Goodwill)
- Clean out cupboards and fridge, get rid of expired/unwanted foods
x- Clean out bathroom cupboards, get rid of old/excess products
- Wash and fold all dirty clothes, sort out what goes into luggage, what gets packed up for moving
x- Cancel internet service
- Cancel utilities
- Clean apartment:
     - Scrub out shower
     - Sweep/mop floors
     - Wipe down cupboards/counters
     - Clean fridge/stove
     - Vacuum/steam clean carpets
     - Wipe down windows
- Set aside items to be packed in car

At Some Point In the Near Future:

- Switch Tricare Regions
- Switch car insurance to MN/register car in MN
- Set up internet service for MN
- Set up bill/allotment autopayments
- Look at getting digital camera
- Get Ben enrolled in DEERS (once he's born, obviously)
- Get in contact with ship's Ombudsman

Aaaaand there's probably more. I can't remember at the moment. Will add things as I think of them.

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