Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pregnancy Brain

So, thanks to my amazing skills of procrastination, I have been without Zofran since Saturday. (Took the last pill in my bottle on Friday morning.) I have a refill left (which I can pick up tomorrow), but I did not realize it would take so long for it to be filled through the Navy system. I called last Wednesday through the auto-service (when I had two pills left), expecting it would be filled Thursday or Friday. Nope nope. Not til tomorrow.

I was fine on Saturday and Sunday, oddly enough. Probably because of some lingering Zofran in my system? No idea. But yesterday was another story. That was the most vomiting I've done since before I got on the Zofran. Had to call in from work, and was about 2 seconds from being bitched out by my boss. (I can't really blame her - I've been sick a lot these past few weeks. But she knows why. And she knows I'm doing what I can to fix it. So...yeah.) I did manage to keep a little mac and cheese down later in the evening, but not much else.

Today has been better. I was queasy all morning, but no vomiting. And I've been able to eat little bits and drink fluids. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be okay, because I have to go to work before I'll be able to fill the prescription. Otherwise, I'm going to have to call in again, and I doubt that will be pretty.

In other news, the "pregnancy brain" symptom is really really setting in. I can't remember things or hold onto thoughts for more than a few seconds. I've been having to make all kinds of notes and lists just to remember things, and then I end up losing the scraps of paper I write things on, and... ugh. It's annoying. I've started to use the notes functions on my computer and phone - not because I always remember to check them - but because I'm less likely to lose things that way.

You know, I don't even remember what I else I was going to say about that. Huh.


(If you can't tell, I'm super excited!)

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  1. Yeah, you really need to wean yourself off of Zofran a bit at a time or it can mess you up almost as much as not taking it at all if you stop suddenly. Obviously you didn't have a choice there, but in the future when you want to try and see if your morning sickness is gone, I'd recommend from experience slowly lowering your dosage instead of just not taking it and seeing if you still feel sick (cause you will.) Hope you got your pills and are feeling better :( But you really are getting there! Nausea is probably the worst thing out there besides incessant, maddening itching (yay for rare pregnancy rashes. sarcasm.) I had a stomach bug I got from Gavin this weekend and threw up about six times. It seriously made me think, "Do I REALLY need another baby??"

    And sorry to tell you, but pregnancy brain doesn't go away. It turns into "new mommy brain." Do you want to hear the ironic thing? I can't remember if I already told you that.