Friday, January 13, 2012

This Blog Will NOT Give You Cancer

I think it may be time to change the name of this blog.

The name is silly, really. A bad attempt at black humor. A remnant of a joke from high school. I've wondered off and on whether it was in bad taste, but have never really been bothered by the thought enough to change it.

I do refrain from telling people the name of this blog, worrying that they might react badly.

(Actually, I don't tell a whole lot of people that I have a blog in the first place. Dunno why. I just don't.)

But anyways...

Today I got an e-mail. Not berating me on the title of this blog, no. But it gave me another reason to want to change it. One I hadn't really considered before.

The e-mail was an offer to write a guest post, sharing the research someone had done on cancer patient rehabilitation and family rehab and whatnot. They thought – from the title, I'm guessing – that it would fit in well with the rest of my content.

I suppose my throwing around the name “Zofran” so much lately probably didn't help that assumption.


People might think this is a cancer blog. Which it clearly isn't.

I don't really have a new title yet, so it may take me a few days, but just know that changes are probably coming.

Well, not probably.

They will be.

Once I figure out a new title.


  1. it in bad taste that I find that really, really funny??? I never even thought of the Zofran connection, since I took it myself! Hahahaha! Um...maybe it's time for a change, though :D How about, "This blog will get you knocked up?"

  2. Haha yeah.

    No, it's not in bad taste, because I thought it was pretty funny when I put it as the title. (Which, I suppose, is not really proof that it's not bad taste, just that our senses of humor may be similar, lol.)