Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Writing Cravings

Lately, I've had that craving to write that comes every now and then (and is wonderful), but I haven't made much of it. Mostly for stupid reasons that have no real validity. You know, dumb excuses. Like: I'm feeling frazzled in the brain box, I'm too tired, there's too much cleaning to do, I'm not inspired... yadda yadda yadda.

One thing I have been doing a lot of, though, is clicking through websites on StumbleUpon. And occasionally those websites include advice on how to get "inspired" or arouse your creativity. I keep reading them, bookmarking them, and then continuing to aimlessly wander the interwebs (aka: not write.) I'm compiling some of them here in the hopes that it will guilt me into actually doing something about this craving before it deserts me again.

So, without further ado:

201 Ways to Arouse Your Creativity

How to Write a Novel Using the "Snowflake Method"

10 Types of Writer's Block (And How to Overcome Them)

StumbleUpon Staff Picks: Sites That Spark Creativity

Try, Try Again: Rejection Letters Received By Bestselling Authors

In other news, the baby and I are doing fine. It's a boy (confirmed by two different ultrasound techs, 3 weeks apart), and his name is going to be Benjamin James Williams. :) I'm really excited, especially now that I can feel him kicking. (ALL THE TIME.) I'm getting to that impatient point where I'm all "Okay, done being pregnant now, let's get this baby out here so I can cuddle him!" But I'm trying not to let that feeling get out of hand. I need to enjoy the free time I have left to me, and just love the experience.

I probably have a million more things I could say on the subjects of babies and writing (and work, and everything else, for that matter) but I've also got a counter full of dishes and a messy apartment to deal with. (Excuses, excuses.) And we're having people over in a few days, so cleaning is key.

But I'll try to come back more often than I have been. Blogging does actually help the writing flow sometimes, so I need to use that to my advantage. Plus, I know how much fun it is to stalk people you know on the interwebs, and I know I love seeing it when people I follow write entries. So...yeah.

I will ponder those links as I clean. And hopefully that will help.


  1. You updated! Yay! I periodically stalk your blog to see what you're up to, lol. And we need to set up a Skype time!

    It's so exciting that the baby is kicking! That is just too cool. He's going to be so freaking adorable. But after spending a week with Karen and Gavin, I just have to say it (and I'm not trying to freak you out, promise): ENJOY YOUR FREE TIME. It was both amazing and shocking to me to see exactly how much work went into having just one baby around. I can't even imagine how my mom ran a home daycare for thirteen years. It's crazy. I honestly don't know if I could do it.

  2. Shit. I also forgot to say that, on the topic of writing, I totally reread the prologue over two anatomy class periods this week. It was the only way I could keep myself awake through them, but also? Yeah. It was awesome. I cannot for the life of me figure out why that story won't just write itself.

  3. Haha, yeah. I'm a little nervous about how little "me" time I'm going to have for a while, but that's all part of the process, right?

    I haven't reread it in a while, but I should. Every time I do, I'm like "YES!" ...but why on earth is it like pulling teeth to actually sit down and write the damn thing? I think we're psyching ourselves out.

    And yes, Skyping, yes. Which days are you free? I'm good on Mon, Tues and Weds night.

  4. ^ HAHAHAHA, Elise! Yeah, DON'T SCARE HER. But also keep in mind that newborns are a lot of work for a different reason, but they also stay in one place when you put them down to, say, go to the bathroom or something. It's a good thing you haven't been here this week. Gavin learned how to climb onto the couch (I have a super funny video to post to FB later) so forget those few moments I had the past couple weeks to go on the computer while he sat quietly playing.

    Well this comment is very late. I used to stalk your blog as well, reliving all the fun (and not so fun) things about pregnancy, but have been very bad about checking since you hadn't updated for a while (understandably!) and I assumed you were too busy with baby stuff. I won't write you a novel here, since there are like five more posts I have to read, but it's GREAT that you're trying to get back into writing!! Don't think that you won't be able to once Babby Ben is here, either. Yeah, maybe not for the first few months, but I was able to get 30,000 words of my Snape-fic sequel done in two weeks of NaNoWriMo this year (Gavin was 10 months) and would have finished if not for our damn flea infestation. So there's hope!