Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Seven Songs

Because today is the first day of my (and Tulio/Elise's) mini-NaNoWriMo Challenge - 500 words per day, each - I've been thinking a lot about inspiration and what helps get me writing. You know what all that thinking about inspiration inspired me to do? Make a list. So that's what you get today. A list.

Specifically, a list of seven instrumental songs that have been getting me into the writing mood.

Let us begin.


1. "Bach - Largo," as performed by Emilie Autumn
     Not quite sure what it is about this song that makes me want to write. It's got kind of a prissy medieval feel... But it's also got kind of a contemplative quality to it. Again, I dunno. But it's working, so I'll continue to listen.

2. "Dream (Jin by Jin remix)," by the Ahn Trio
     Another contemplative one. But this one is smoother, and makes me think of dancing. Since I've recently reread the Two Captains alternate ending, I can see why waltz-y type songs would be appealing (ah, the party scene!) Also, I haven't really been writing anything that's action-packed, so the slower tempos are suiting my mood better.

3. "Sea," by George Winston
     Elise and I write a lot of oceany-type stuff. It only makes sense that I would listen to oceany-type music while writing it, right? Exactly.  :)

4. "Up is Down," by Hans Zimmer
     My god, it's such a charming song! And the fact that it's from the PotC3 soundtrack makes it all the more appealing. I've been listening to it every time I need a little pep... and then it gets stuck in my head for three days after. Oh well. I am in love with it.

5. "Mausam & Escape," by A. R. Rahman
     I have never seen "Slumdog Millionaire" - the soundtrack from which this song comes - but this song! Ah! Love the frantic tension that develops!

6. "Unholy Trinity," by Epica
     Epica is just an awesome band any which way you look at it, but their album, "The Classical Conspiracy," is fantabulous writing music. This song in particular is very piratey, and so, suits our writing very well.

7. "Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then)," as performed by Vitamin String Quartet 
     This song was written by The Decemberists - one of my favorite bands - and so it already holds a special place in my eardrum, but this instrumental version is very charming. Great for lighthearted scenes (even though there have not been an abundance of those in my writing lately. Oh well.)

And... that's that, I guess.

I understand, since it is now June, I am under no obligation to post everyday. So I don't need to be scrabbling around for blog entry topics like this. It's just that... well, let's be honest: I'm procrastinating. (Currently sitting at 357 words out of the daily 500. Only 143 left to go... BUT IT'S SO HARD.) I've already checked my facebook and e-mail more times than I can count, so I turned to this blog for distraction.

I know, I know. I should be ashamed of myself.

Wish I could count this as my daily 500. I'd be done already.

Boo for keeping promises.

Well, not really.

Boo to my laziness.


  1. I'ma gonna have to search these out. I do not have enough instrumental stuff.

    500 a day. Good luck. At least its not 5000. Which is the state my mother is currently in. . .look on the bright side!

  2. You should! All of them are available on iTunes - I checked.

    Also, jeez! Your mom is a writing BAMF. We're trying to work our numbers up slowly, as we haven't really been writing on a regular basis for a while. Yeah.