Saturday, June 25, 2011


This being sick stuff sucks.

Everybody is hanging out tonight - including my husband - but I get to stay home and do nothing, because I'm a germy leper, full of infection.

This isn't much of an entry. I just needed a moment of self-pity, is all.

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  1. Geez, girl. You need to tell your immune system to shape the eff up. That completely sucks.

    In happier news, though, I bought a whiteboard specifically for story planning and writing stuff. I want to find a way to compile all of the new brainstorming in a more visual way so that when we start writing, we have a clear picture of basically the whole first book and the biggest parts of the second. The whiteboard probably won't do *that*, but just wanted to let you know that I'm working on it. Chin up! :D