Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crafty Cravings

I am craving some crafting today. The urge will probably pass before I can afford the fabric and other whatnots required, but today I am dreaming. :)

What brought on the urge was this bag tutorial (I'm just posting pics, not the actual tutorials.)

It's pretty simple and doesn't look all that great when done in plain beige canvas, but imagine it in THIS AWESOMENESS!

Looking at awesome fabric made me go through all the tutorials I've bookmarked, and decide that I also want to attempt this dress, possibly using the fabric above as the bottom part of the dress. (Is that cool, or too weird? Hmm...)

The only thing I've never done before is the ruffles thing, but there's a whole separate tutorial on how to do those, so it's not like I'll be stumbling blindly through the process. (If I do ever actually make the thing.)

The idea of sewing clothes made me search through Burda's pattern catalogue, which made me desperately want to create this vundebar, comfy-looking shirt:

Possibly with this fabric (or the many other cool jersey knit selections I found):

Sooo...yeah. That's all I have to say for now. I just wanted to share my ideas and get some feedback.

So, yeah.

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  1. I think the dress with the skirt in that novelty fabric would be FANTASTICAL! DO IT!!!