Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Easter snuck up on me this year. I act like that surprises me, but don't let me fool you: it sneaks up on me every year. It's just that there's usually someone else to take care of all the preparation that leads up to the glorious feast (truthfully, the only part of the holiday I give a hoot about, being both a glutton and an agnostic). This year, it's all up to me to take care of the food (glorious food)... else I'll probably be dining on hot dogs and corn chips.

Don't worry, though. I'm lucky enough to have realized that Easter is this weekend (it is this weekend, right?) early enough in the week that I still have time to plan for a meal. And to get all my recipes in order (thank you, allrecipes.com!), even the ones I have to collect from Mark's relatives. YAY! Go me!

I'm sure you're wondering what I'll be making? I know I would be. I love hearing about food - it's the only thing that makes the Food Network worth watching.

Here's the menu I've got going so far:

Brown Sugar Ham (http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Slow-Cooker-Ham/Detail.aspx)
Cheesy Hashbrowns (the recipe I have to obtain from my sister-in-law)
Green Bean Casserole (http://www.campbellkitchen.com/recipedetail.aspx?recipeId=24099&fbid=fBPOjceaJGn)
Sauteed Asparagus (http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Sauteed-Garlic-Asparagus/Detail.aspx)
Dinner Rolls (not to disappoint you, but I'm just going to buy these from the store - much easier)
Raspberry Jell-O (a demand of Mark's, for some reason. again, store bought)
Pie/Whipped Cream (the best the store has to offer. I dunno if I'm ready to take on pie single-handed)
Jelly Beans (because it wouldn't be Easter without them)

And that's all I've got so far. I'm really tempted to make another potato dish, but we haven't even invited anyone over yet and I don't want to make enough food to feed an army unless there's going to be an army to feed. Maybe I will anyway - there's nothing better than Easter leftovers. Unless it's Thanksgiving leftovers, because those are damn good too!

Kinda sad that all my Easter thoughts revolve around the menu, but... It's easier to think about what I'll be eating than the fact that this is the first Easter ever that Mark and I will being spending away from our families. Thinking about food eases the discomfort of that thought a little bit. I mean, it's food. Food is the mother of all coping mechanisms.

This Easter I am going to delve into Food Therapy until I'm sick. Or maybe that half-second right before sickness. Because there's nothing worse than having to throw up a delicious, delicious meal.

Except maybe cancer. Or paralysis. Or not getting that chiropractic office job (which I didn't. boo.) Ooh, or scurvy. Scurvy would be bad.

Wow. That was a weird note to end this entry on.

Oh well.

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