Friday, April 22, 2011

Phone Spam

So, while doing some job-searching yesterday, I submitted an application and resume to what seemed like a legit position as a "housekeeper" for a nearby hotel. Oh boy, was I ever wrong. Once I finished filling out the application, it took me to a webpage with a phone number on it, saying I needed to contact one of their HR reps to "authorize" my application. No biggie. I've seen things like that before. So I make the call. (I really need a job, I should tell you.)

On this call, all they want to talk to me about is whether or not I'd be interesting in doing schooling online. I somehow get put on a list that allows EVERY FRIGGIN' ONLINE COLLEGE EVAR to contact me, hoping that I want more info. I was just ignoring the calls at first. Two phone calls turned into eight, and then ten (all in one afternoon, mind you.) Finally, Mark picked up the phone and declared - quite scarily, I might add - that they need not call anymore.

That only took care of one online college.

This morning, at 6AM, I get another call. It's my turn to be the bitch, because HELL NO am I going to talk to you about online college I never wanted at SIX IN THE EFFING MORNING.

Another one called at 6:30.

"I'm calling in response to your request for more information about our online Business Communications program."  (I'm an English Major,

 "I don't need any information. I'm on your list by mistake. I'm not interested."

"Oh okay. Well, one thing I can do for you today is get you connected with -"

"No, I am not interested."

"All it takes is -"


"Alright then. You have a nice day."


I have been answering every call since then, being very firm and direct, not giving them any ground and letting them know that I do not care to receive another phone call. Nor am I interested in their so-called online colleges. (I dunno if half of these places are even real.)

I'm pretty sure I only have one more college left to reject. It's the only other one that appeared on my missed calls list from yesterday. Maybe they're hoping that if they don't wake me up at the crack of dawn, I'll be more agreeable. Nope. I won't be.

I most definitely will not be.


  1. Oh that is so not cool. so so so not cool. Keep at them! You should do something really weird and prankish when they next call. For the sheer kicks and giggles of it.

  2. Haha. I really, really should. They keep calling and calling. Since this morning, I've gotten three more calls. Bah! Will they never leave me alone!?