Friday, September 30, 2011


Yay! Crafting!

Today, I tried out a couple of the crafts I posted the other day. One I can't show you until tomorrow (it takes some time to dry and whatnot before I can proceed with the last steps), but here are a couple of pics to document my crafting prowess. (You can thank my wonderful husband for being willing to be silly enough to model for me.)

Without further ado, I give you the Pearl and Tulle Necklace:

...and a close up...

Hurrah! I love making things! It's so exciiiiiiiiting!

I'll post pictures of my other crafts tomorrow, I promise. :))))


  1. He is a goooood sport. Rofl! Also, awesome job! It's very pretty. :)

  2. He really is, isn't he? Haha!

    And thank you! I hoped it would turn out alright.