Friday, August 19, 2011


I have been putting off this entry for a little while now.

Why, you ask? 

Elise and I haven't been working on Camp NaNo. Like, at all.

It was just one of those situations where you run (figuratively speaking) headfirst into a brick wall. And then sit in front of the wall and stare at its ominously brick-y-ness and wonder, "How the fuck did that thing get there?"

Yeah, like that.

Now, using hindsight, I can deduce that it was probably due to all the micromanaging and finicky over-brainstorming we were doing. Every little thing was tripping us up, because suddenly every little thing was So Important. We lost our groove, our flow, because we were not being chill. Ya dig?

We're going to be picking it back up here soon, but in a more chilled, less NaNoWriMo frenzy kind of way. And then hopefully we'll lose some of that GO! Stop. GOOOOOO! Wait! Stopstopstop! vibe we've been running on for a while.

In other news, I am going on vacation starting tomorrow. Mark and I will fly out of San Diego at 6am and land in the great state of Minnesota at around noon. (It's not really a six-hour flight. We lose some time because we're crossing time zones and whatnot. But you knew that.) We'll be spending a couple of days in Duluth with his parents, going fishing on Lake Superior and whatnot. Then we'll migrate south and spend some time at my parents, and seeing the many more people who live in the same general area as my parents. On Sunday the 28th, we'll fly back here. And hopefully not sink into loneliness and despair.

We won't really have much time to, I suppose, because it just so happens that my parents planned a trip out here for Labor Day weekend. So we'll see them...and then a week later, we'll see them again. Haha, love it!

In other other news, I am becoming a crafty little machine (sometimes). I sewed myself a sweater last weekend, and today I will hopefully (in between all the packing and cleaning and whatnot I have to do) be sewing another. It's great fun, but fabric is EFFING EXPENSIVE. Today I used a coupon to buy more fabric (and save $19), and then I felt like an old lady. Couponing and fabriccing and...yeah.

I'd better go now. Rambling.

Also, I have lots to do.


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