Monday, February 7, 2011

Brain = Dedded

For some reason, I am having a TON of trouble keeping focused on anything today. I dunno exactly what's wrong, either. It could be the fact that I slept in until around 1pm (WAY later than I usually sleep.) It could be all the convoluted forum-debate I've been reading on Unreasonable Faith. It could be my dogs, who will not stop pacing around and whining, despite the fact that they were just outside and could not possibly need to potty again... I have no idea. It could be none of those things. It could be all of those things. It could be so many other things that I've not bothered to list.

All I know is that I was supposed to write something today, and I have yet to do that. I don't really see it happening, either, unless I can somehow get my brain back on track.

Coffee isn't working. Music isn't working. This blog is not really working.

What do I dooooooo!? My brain is done fractured and dedded. I canst not concentrato!

I also do not think I can, in good conscience, subject you to the nonsensical ramblings of my unfocused psyche. It would be too cruel.

I'll come back if I have something to say that makes any sense.

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